PAQMedia provides post-production services for local and national corporate and government industries, post-production services in the television broadcast industries and the low-budget film industry, as well as those who need an annual, semi-annual or one time video production.

Corporate & Government Business Development

Our services can supplement your current business development needs with a go-to video presentation that will represent your companies capabilities and strengths and will provide your customer base with a confident understanding of what your company can provide them.

Broadcast Post-Production

Do you currently have airtime for thirteen or more episodes? PAQMedia can provide the post-production services you need to get your videos out the door and to broadcast on time and within broadcast legal limits utilizing the industry standard post-production software for Standard Definition (SD) and High Definition (HD) video.

One-time or Annual Post-Production Needs

PAQMedia provides post-production needs for those who need a one-time production, annual production, or semi-annual production of a film. If you have a 4th of July gathering every year and need it edited and finalized PAQMedia can do produce it at a rate that you can afford.

Other Services

PAQMedia provides a wide variety of services that stems from the invaluable expertise we’ve gained throughout our work in the industry such as consulting for film studio lighting, sound and camera set-up and training your staff on these techniques. If you’re local to Huntsville, PAQMedia can also be your filming/post-production all-in-one solution for your project or be a partner with your existing solution to help your project progress further. PAQMedia can help you achieve your software development goals utilizing C/C++, C#, Python (and many others) across multiple platforms (Windows, Linux, etc) by providing a solution that meets your timeline, is within budget, and with a focus on meeting or exceeding quality expectations. PAQMedia can also provide web-development solutions utilizing PHP and MySQL with a focus on content management systems (CMS) that go beyond the capabilities provided by services such as WordPress or Joomla as well as solutions that supplement existing software platforms. Use the contact form here to contact us today.